Friday, February 11, 2011

Son of SmartPart (aka SmartPart v3)

As a consultant, I have to create webparts that can be updated and maintained by the staff developers and at least in my experience, those developers have a lot of experience with custom ASP.NET Web User Control (ascx) creation and not a lot of experience with SharePoint 2007′s object model and API.  In many of these environments I have found that using SmartPart v3, from Jan Tielens is a good middle ground.
The SmartPart is a general purpose webpart that can contain any ASP.NET User Control and also provides access to the MOSS object model.  There are a variety of examples that already exist for creating User Controls, but the key here is the ability to integrate them by simply copying the files to each of the web front-ends (after the SmartPart webpart has been properly deployed, of course).

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