Friday, February 11, 2011

Integrate Virtual Earth / Bing with SharePoint 2007

While there are a variety of WebParts out there for embedding Virtual Earth / Bing into your SharePoint site, there is a much quicker and easier solution that only requires out-of-the-box features – namely the Content Editor WebPart and the EMBED tag.
The next quick clip shows Virtual Earth / Bing embedded in a public site that I created that uses XML to dynamically control the LONG and LAT of the points of interest (known as pushpins).

So what are the quick steps?

Step 1:  create a custom SharePoint ASPX page to host the map.  The easiest way to accomplish this (and what’s demo’ed in the next video clip) is with SharePoint Designer.  The code that is pasted in the clip is contained in the source zip.  Make sure you paste the code inside the FORM tag.

Next Steps: if you would like a data-driven dynamic map (either XML or a SharePoint list), check out Microsoft SharePoint Designer Team Blog.

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